To design an animated feature based on 20 hours research at about one of the topics below

Delivery in form of a Prezi online, linked from your wikipage, supported side information, references and sideline stories to be placed on your wikipage (ensure always a backup of your work done if technology would fail > hardcopy)

(as a continuation on what you started already in class and on your own page) Define a new business idea or take on an existing start up and develop WEB strategies and suggestions on how to apply or improve SEO and Social Media Marketing
Suggest on one of the proposed PPC solutions for a fast and effective placement, here I want to see a complete solution which could be right away deployed
Add on ideas on how to apply a mobile component to the business, this more on a creative level, suggest what kind of apps could be supportive to your business idea
Ensure that you take in consideration most of the aspects as discussed in class. It should become at the end a professional pitch presentation which clearly shows a full fledged though through and tested web proposal of a new business

You can always contact me on concrete questions if you need some guidance but only until 2 weeks before project deadline
Deadline: (suggestion)
End of February, 2012 send to l.ritzel@imi-luzern.com
Add grading form from GGSB admin with your file

Grading scale :
Grading scale :
Situation Analysis 0 - No understanding of current business / 10 - Thorough understanding of current business climate
Argument conviction 0 - Lack of synthesis with business objective / 10 - Compelling demonstration of benefits to business
Implementation of next level and flow 0 - poor methodology / structure in getting off the ground / 10 - best practices for implementation and striking clear to follow
Quality of Research 0 lack of supported info / 10 support info clearly visible