2009 “Deal of the Day”
Promo accessible to their followers
Announce every day both on the Marriott Twitter and on MarriottDealoftheDay.com a deal, for 24 hours only, offering up to 60% off at resorts in the Caribbean, Hawaii and California
high number of almost 12,000 followers/ following 9400 Twitter accounts
computed 2162 updates on July 12, 2009 With the usage of Twitterfeed, Twhirl and other Twitter apps,
Marriott's staff invests in communicating with their guests
In 2009, new advertising campaign: demanding, on-the-go professionals tell their story of Marriott Hotels
No one can speak to the experience and benefits at Marriott better than the customers themselves.
That’s what this campaign is all about

All in all:
Though the use of real clients is an emergent trend in marketing campaigns, it is still a rarity in the hotel industry, let alone via Twitter

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