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Within Temptation

Great homepage with all the information fans could ever wish for. Apps is available which makes it easier for fans to intercact with the band, follow their tour, comment on videos etc.

They make use of social media such as facebook, twitter and youtube. They have a blog where they update fans while on a tour. Forexample the unforgiven tour 2012. Fans comment and interact with the band through these social media platforms. People waiting for the band to give a concert in their home country can use the tourblog as an appetizer whereas those who already had the chance to hear/see the band perform can get flashback from an awesome concert.
They sell all kinds of merchandise in the online shop, from books and cds to clothes and artprints. They have a strong fanculture.

Graded project.
Global Entrepreneurship
The Saladbar

In Denmark, as well as the rest of the western world, we see an increase in overweight and obesity. This is a result of today’s lifestyle with less hard physical work and unhealthy eating habits. In Denmark we have plenty of good café’s and restaurants and they offer a variety of different foods that seeks to satisfy every possible need. A restaurant that offers a salad buffet to go with their main dish is a popular choice for those who seek a healthier lifestyle. However these restaurants often appeal to those on a high level income as the main dishes is considered quite expensive. I therefore believe that we in Denmark, could do much better and offer more affordable places to have lunch and dinner.

The Main idea
With regard to the above mentioned problem statement I seek to develop a new healthy alternative to the cafés and restaurants we see in Denmark today. However with my nutritional background I am aware that offering healthy food alone does not change peoples eating and lifestyle behavior, therefore I seek to develop a concept that focus on both healthy food as well as providing educational information about health.

The concept
The Saladbar will be different from any other healthy café in Denmark. Build as one big salad buffet The Saladbar will focus on customers who take their eating habits and general lifestyle a little more seriously. It will be a functional and modern café with a relaxed atmosphere. But rather than being just another café, The Saladbar will be a concept that not only focuses on healthy food, but a concept that integrates different components such as motivation, lifestyle, psychological behavior education and information about healthier habits. The cafe will host events with guest speakers, food from other countries etc. The cafe will have a website with information about the food served, but also additional information about how to make your life a little healthier. The Facebook page will work as a healthy community hub for customers to interact with and support each other. Linking with our website through Twitter Iwill upload success stories, recipes and workout suggestions. Applications for smartphones will be introduced and discussed on the social media platforms as well.

The homepage (fiction)
The homepage will be the main platform and will be linked to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Doc4.pdf shows a fictive homepage made on www.wix.com

The competitors

Cafe Glad and Ziggy will be my main competitors as these two places both offer healthy food and a relaxed atmophere. Futhermore they are both situated in Aarhus, Denmark's largest second largest city. Both places are active users of facebook but there is always room for improvement.

Metatags about Café Glad
<title>GLAD-Take Away og Cafe i Århus- Morgenmad, Brunch, Frokost, Aftensmad </title><meta http-equiv=”imagetoolbar” content=”false” /> <meta name=”keywords” content=”Glad, mad, Århus, hjemmelavet brød, Cafe, Aarhus, take away, økologisk, hjemmelavet, salater, frederiksalle, Brunch, sandwich, kager, kaffe, sunde opskrifter, fedtfattig dressing, fedtfattige opskrifter” /> <meta name=”description” content=”GLAD-Hjemmelavet økologisk sund mad. Kaffe og hjemmebagte kager. Sunde salater med fedtfattige dressinger. Sandwich i friskbagt brød ” /

Alexa about cafe Ziggy
Doc5.pdf draws a picture of what Alexa says about Cafe Ziggy and the top queries drving traffic to Cafeziggy.dk from search engines. This shows that people who seeks information about cafeziggy at least know the name of the cafe when the do their search as only 0.48% search for cafe places in Aarhus (kaffesteder i Århus)and end up with cafeziggy. Ziggy and Sidewalk are the high impact words whereas Århus and cafe Århus is the low impact words.

SEO and Metatags
SEO will be boosted with repetitive phrases and wording on the website that link to common consumer searches in weight loss, lifestyle, exercise, healthy eating'. Furthermore I will add recipes to broaden the SEO catchment. I will use www.tagword.comto define words for my metatags.

Background literature: