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It is a new type of business in which people and enterprises can have financial support through collective donations.

How does it work:
Someone becomes with an idea and then present it in an online platform and says how much money is necessary. Then interested people can donate what they can or the amount of money they think the idea worth. In exchange, the project owner gives a reward to those initial investors.

If the project is successful, then the creators receive the investment (show) and the platform gets 5% of commission (in average). Also people who invested can get “bonus” for making the initial offers, so sometimes they can have access to the backstages, gifts and once in a while even free tickets.
However, if it doesn't become a concrete project, the money is returned to investors (in some cases not in cash, but in credits for new projects).

How does it work in Brazil:
Right now crowdfunding is a new business that just arrived, and executives already state that this type of business have potential growth, and some companies are just starting. The main issue is that those companies will also have to spread the concept of crowdfunding.
Ativa Aí
Is the first brazilian website destined to raise resources for concerts, entertaining and events. People can vote for artists that already had been contacted and moreover they can also make suggestions of bands and cities they want to have the concerts, which makes the offers more democratic.
They provide all previous information about the concerts in order to explain everything in advance for the “investors”. In other words, the website already inform the dates, locals, how much money they need, the deadline for deposits and also the price quotes. It is also explained what happens if the idea is activated or if is not (in the first case besides every information provided they establish the points of sale as well, for the second case people who invested money will be 100% refunded).
One of the differentiations points of Ativa Aí is that the page has a good section called “doubts and answers” where they explain the most frequently questions. Some of them are important for the audience, for example:
- How the payments are made?
- How are the unique advantages offered?
- If I am an activator, what are my advantages? (courtesy tickets, VIP area, transportation from residence to the show, refunding in case the activation doesn’t work)
- Is the digital payment safe?
- More explanations about the digital payment
- Can I pay in a different way?
- What if its activated? If it isn’t?
- What happens if no tickets are sold beside the activators?
- Why should I be an activator, not just wait to buy the ticket?
- How can I get the tickets?
- If I am not able to attend to the concert, can I send anybody else?
- Who are the responsible for the website?


It was not possible to find any key words on the pages, which makes it harder to find this webpage when searching for some crowdfunding firms in Brazil. Since is something new, the website could prepare more the code for searching tools, which could make a big difference of people who visit the page.
Key words suggested: <crowdfunding, financiamento coletivo, eventos, ativação, benefícios ativadores, cotas, vantagens patrocínio>
[<crowdfunding, crowdfunding –portuguese version-, events, activation, activators benefit, quotes, sponsor advantages>]
How easy is it to find the website, does it work on company name, on main keywords, local or international (key markets)
It is not easy to find Ativa Aí page when trying to search for key words as “crowdfunding brasil”, “site de ativação no Brasil” [activation website brazil], but if we try some phrases like “ativação eventos shows” [activation events shows] it is possible to find the website. But something peculiar happens here, the name of the website is ‘Ativa Aí |Crowdfunding de Eventos, Shows e Entretenimento’, however if those words are searched separated it is possible to find many combinations (the searching tool used was Google, since it is the most common in Brazil):
ativação + eventos = NONE
ativação + show = last item in the first page
ativação + shows = first item in the page
ativação + entretenimento = NONE
ativa + aí = website is the first item + facebook + twitter + some notes about the website


They also don’t posses metatags in their website and the page is not so informative as well. People have to look on the top of the page to find information about crowdfunding. The front page only host information about projects that are already being voted or were activated. One good thing is that people can see how many quotes have been sold until the moment. However the construction for searching is good, once you type “crowdfunding” it will already show an item about Catarse (that is because is a brazilian configuration laptop).

Queremos in portuguese it means: we want. This website was developed with the purpose of having concerts in Rio de Janeiro, once some artists didn’t go claiming lack of interest of the audience. Some people got tired of it and decided to change. Then Queremos was created in order to raise funds for those concerts and also promote them. Creators said that they like to organizing events and the idea is to improve the experience as a whole.
Comparing to competitors, Ativa Aí and the others websites are really similar, with the same basic information about what is crowdfunding and how it works. In addition they all explain why people created the crowdfunding website, what was the purpose behind it and how the audience can benefit from it. However is easier to find data about the competitors rather than Ativa Aí, perhaps because the others might be a little bit more popular or because the targets are differents.

Create a tagcrowd of the index page and see if this makes sense visually, compare to your toughest competitors

Most of the words make sense in crowdfunding context, but some words are meaningless like GRAA, PARABA, VOCAAAS since they are not Portuguese words. The biggest ones are very much related to the website core: ativaaí, ativadores, camarote, confirmado, cotas, evento, participantes, vendidas, pista <ativaai, activators, cabin, confirmed, quotes, event, participants, sold, floor>.



main words <reached, subscribe, catarse, facebook, festival, raised, music, projects, we want>


main words <friends, band, confirmed, invite, tickets, reimburse, possible, shows, twitter>
When compared to its competitors, Ativa Aí has some advantages since the cloud has more words related to shows, in a more direct way.
What does Alexa’s says
Alexa doesn’t say too much about the website, only the global and brazilian traffic. It also provides the users profiles and one thing interesting, it shows the links related to the website, and by that we can analyze that Ativa Aí appears at: google search for start ups, Grupo Abril (big press company in Brazil), twitter, secureserver and some other famous newspapers, which can help the advertisements.
Optimization tips

By that table and the one below we can notice that keywords and the metadescriptions are a must have of the website, since it will help people to find it in easy way. Though they have excellent links to the page, many of the main tools that could help them to have more visitors are not sufficiently completed.


Check the backlinks (be careful about the relevance of those links which is not guaranteed)
The amount of linked website that Ativa Aí have depends on which SEO tool we use. If we check Alexa it will inform us that the website has 62 links related, concerning newspaper, google start up, some blogs and radio stations. Instead if we look at it is possible to find 250 links, however not all of them are connected to Ativa Aí (almost 30 links only are related to the crowdfunding site).
Check entrance of DMOZ as well as Wikipedia (English / France)
Ativa Aí cannot be found in Wikipedia nor English nor French or even in Portuguese since it is a new business and not so famous in Brazil yet. It also couldn’t be found in DMOZ due to the same reason.
Ativa Aí could use Google Addwords in order to promote its website, to make it more noticeable when people try to find something that is related to music, concert, sponsor, votes. This way Ativa Aí can utilize PPC ads that will display an advertisement when a keyword query matches a keyword list, or when a content site displays relevant content. Such advertisements are called sponsored links or sponsored ads.
Social Media
The most popular social media that exist nowadays are probably Facebook and Twitter, and Ativa Aí already posses them both. The Facebook page is really informative, with shows pictures, news about artists and events, etc. Although it is a new page (it started in august 2011) it has already 4.380 people that “like” it. Twitter is useful in the way they advertise their promotions and events, also to stimulate the audience before the concerts.
Apps are really popular especially among young people, that like to be connected all the time. They like to expose what they’re thinking, listening, their location, photos and all possible things that could be posted. Thinking of that Ativa Aí could develop an app together with radio stations in this way: people can “like” whenever a song is played, this way, the ranking goes to Ativa Aí data and they’re able to see which bands are interesting for the audience. That way both Ativa Aí and radios would have audience and could work based on its preferences.

Notes from classes Web Entrepreneurship – Prof. Lukas Ritzel