I have decided to work on a business which belongs to GEM : the Institut Sport & Management.

The Institut Sport & Management is an organization specialized in training or re-traning senior-level sportsmen which has recently been created to promote relationships between sport ans management at Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Meta tags analysis Here is the URL of the website: http://www.grenoble-em.com/1075-institut-sport---management-1.aspxI have used several meta tags analyzers to compare the different results about meta tags:SEO centroSubmit expressRanking todayAccording to the first analyzer, the analysis was quite good. It found out that the title contained no error and the title relevancy to the page was good. Keywords meta tags contain no errors too. The negative point was about the description meta tags: the analyzer found no meta tags about it.The other analyzers (Submit Express and Ranking today) found no title tag, no description meta tags and no keywords meta tags. This is a negative point for the Institut Sport & Management, because the page is not designed to have a maximum searching engine compatibility. The probability of a high ranking is low.

How easy is to find the website?

The Institut Sport & Management is not an international organization. The training is only for French athletes. The target is only French people, so the website must be easy to find for them.

If we type “Institut Sport et management” on Google the website is first on the first page. This is a positive point because there are no other organizations with the same name, or they are less famous.

However we have to put ourselves in the feet of the athletes. Generally they don’t know the Institut Sport & Management. When they surf on the Internet they look for “formation sportifs de haut niveau” (“training for senior-level sportsmen”). On Google, the website appears at the eighth position on the first page of found results. This is a good result for the website but at the eighth position our website is likely to be relegated to the second page…

On Yahoo, the second search engine in France, the result of the same research is clearly disappointing. The website is at the end of the second page.

The SEO tools of the website must be improved in order to optimize those results.


When looking for competitors on Alexa, the analyzer finds several websites:

When searching on Alexa, all of the websites shown above are competitors for the Institut Sport & Management, because most of colleges and business schools have a specialization in sport and management.

However the real competitors are organizations which provide the same service, that is to say a high education training for athletes.

I have chosen two powerful competitors:

  • The Université Paris Dauphine, which offers the athletes and sports professionals an easy occupational retraining.


  • The ESC Chambéry, through the CESCNI. The CESNI is very successful and has positive reputation in the world of sportsmen. The CESNI is a direct competitor because it provides the same service: an alternative that offers the athletes a harmonious balance between sport, education and integration into the world of work.


The website of the organization is part of the school’s website. The site www.grenoble-em.com/hosts all the organizations’ websites related to the school. That’s the reason why the website of the Institut Sport & Management is hosted by another site (the website of Grenoble-em). Alexa cannot analyze our website, however it can analyze the website of the Grenoble-em business school.

Here is the tag crowd of the index page:

The tag clouds of the two main competitors are the following:

For the Université Paris Dauphine:

And for the ESC Chambéry (CESNI):

The tag cloud for the Institut Sport & Management makes sense. We find all the key words for the service offered (management, sport, training,degree…).

Compared to the tag clouds of the competitors, our tag cloud seems to be very meaningful. For instance the tag crowd of the Paris Dauphine program is longer but key words are not relevant enough.


I have checked the backlinks of the website with two analyzers (iwebtool.com and backlinkwatch.com). The result is very negative for the organization: there are no backlinks found.

Adding backlinks could be a great solution for the Institut Sport & Management, because it is a good way to attract new people on the website. A strategy of partnerships with specific organizations, such a French sport federations could be a great opportunity to contact sportsmen by adding a link on their websites.

Entrance at DMOZ as well as Wikipedia

On Wikipedia the Institut Sport & Management is quoted on the Grenoble Ecole de Management’s page, but there is no page dedicated to the organization.

A wiki page providing presentation information about the Institut should be created.

On Dmoz we cannot find anything about this website.

Social Media

The Institut Sport & Management has both a profile and a page on Facebook. It has more than 2,500 friends on the profile, and more than 350 “likes” on the page.

The strategy used by the IS&M on facebook is clearly about communication. Most of the “friends” of the IS&M on facebook are sportsmen, sport clubs or people who have an interest in sport.

On the profile page one or two articles are posted a week to present the sportsmen of the IS&M. Those posts are about their performances, and it is a way to promote them.

On the facebook page the IS&M posts one or two pieces of information about the organization itself. It also communicate about general issues about sport and management and other topics linked to the IS&M core business.

The IS&M has no Twitter account.

It has a google+ account but it is empty since its creation.

However it has a Viadeo account. The strategy on Viadeo is different from the one used on Facebook. Viadeo allows the Institut Sport & Management to extend its professional network (federations…).

First, the organization should set up a communication strategy for the google+ account. It should do the same as on facebook, by communicating about the athletes of the IS&M…

I don’t think that a Twitter account is a great solution: the IS&M is a small structure with few employees. Being present on all social media requires time, particularly on Twitter which is the most dynamic social network.

I think the IS&M should focus on Facebook. The communication strategy seems to be good and it should be maintained for the future. However I propose a new way to use facebook, not only to promote the IS&M but also to recruit “customers”.

In my opinion Facebook could be an interesting way to select and recruit athletes. I explain myself: the athletes which are interest in our high-education training are generally young people (between 20 and 30 years-old). Most people within this age-range have an active facebook account. So it could be easier to contact them directly instead of trying to get them through federations or other structures.

The Institut Sport & Management has the list of all French senior-level sportsmen. This list doesn’t provide mail or telephone contact. Around 3,000 athletes are listed by sport. This is a great element which has to be used on facebook. The name of each athlete should be researched on facebook. If found, a short but meaningful message of presentation of the IS&M would be sent to the athletes. Moreover, each athlete found on facebook would be added as a friend in order to extend the network.

If the athlete is interested he will ask for a documentation and a deep presentation of the IS&M. We will get his phone and mail contact: the recruiting process is launched.

The organization could implement a strategy of communication for the message sent to the athletes. For instance, if the IS&M has already an athlete in a certain sport pursuing the training, quoting him in the message could be a successful strategy, because the message becomes more valuable. I really believe that facebook will be the future way for attracting athletes and recruiting them.

Contacting athletes on facebook could be a great solution, it is not wasted time. The IS&M recruits around 10 athletes a year. With facebook we will reach much more athletes without intermediate.

Advertising and PPC solution

The Institut Sport & Management has a specific target. It is situated on a niche market, with few potential customers (because there are few listed senior-level sportsmen, few athletes want and have time for high-education training) but also with few competitors.

For a promotion of around 10 athletes a year, it is very risky to implement a Pay per click advertising on the Internet, because athletes are very difficult to target.

However a good way to attract athletes is to create partnerships with most federations, most professional clubs as possible in order to have a link to the website on their websites.

Moreover, the website should be linked to all training centres to attract future professional athletes. Those partnerships should be negotiated as soon as possible.

Mobile application

I have thought about creating a flashcode which will contain the URL of the website. The flaschode will be put on all supports of communication (plaquette, newsletter…).

I have quoted all my references in my Prezi presentation. I have quoted all the websites "tool analyzers" used in my research.
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