1. Start with Within Temptation

Intro slides
Being in the entrepreneurial mood in the class
Think about a possible idea on a company you would like to build or a new company some of your family or friends recentl y has launched and you would like to be involved
Research then one the within temptation website and see how you could probably learn from them. What could you use for your business?

Some of music bands do not pay attention to their public image and their communication at all, but some others do and Within Temptation is a great example of it.

They provide everything that needs a fan. More than photos or videos, they entertain constant news: new outfits, new comics, new articles so that the fan has always a reason to visit their website and buy some of their music or features.

The band has also a French website for their foreign fans. They are present on facebook, youtube and myspace, give the links to follow them and even have a smartphone application.

So what we can learn from this band is that they do think like their “clients”, their fans, and create a real activity and interest on their website.

2. Graded Project


For my graded project, I will focus on Nymphony Records, the record label of the Grenoble Ecole de Management. This association has been created two years ago and is known as the first student record label in France. This association aims to produce and distribute the musical production of artists studying in GEM. With no perspective of large incomes, the first objective of Nymphony Records is to get the highest visibility for its artists in order to book them into big events.
Nymphony Records bets on its originality and some new projects to get popularity. All its strategy relies on Internet operations. With no particular equivalent in other schools, the label aspires to compete with the greatest French independent record labels such as Because Music, Naïve, Ed Bangers or Kitsuné.