Part #1Research then one the within temptation website and see how you could probably learn from them. What could you use for your business?

In general 'Temptation' using lots of tools that Internet provides nowadays in order to make their market share broader. Using their web-site either fan or just a visitor may subscribe to set of option in order to read, receive and share the news of the Rockgroup. Moreover they have a web-shop, where they can sell to their fans some popular products. Personally I liked few of the proposed tools:
  1. Apps. Those ones from Temptation site offering you possibility to follow all the news that comes to your Smartphones (notebooks, etc).
  2. Fanzone. It gives an opportunity to fans to share their vision or new with people that like the group as well.
  3. Shop. Brings added value to the group from selling goods.

Part #2 (Final Project)

Analysis of the existent site.
Better World Books is a U.S.-based on-line bookseller. Described as a for-profit social enterprise or social business venture, Better World Books claim they measure success through a triple bottom line, considering economic, environmental and social factors.

  • See the metatags information of the pages, does it make sense
<title> - New & Used Books for Sale, Textbooks, Book Reviews & more - FREE SHIPPING </title>
<meta id="md" name="description" content="Shop over 9 million new and used books, college textbooks and more at bargain prices. Free shipping worldwide. We donate a portion of all sales to fund literacy programs.">
<meta id="mk" name="keywords" content="books, used books, new books, textbooks, buy books, cheap books, bookstore, online bookstores, book reviews">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
<meta name="robots" content="index, follow, NOODP, NOYDIR">
There is a definitive logic inside the list of tags, since they used as the tags the main product of a company, services proposed on a site and the main purpose of the site. The only problem may arrive from title tag, it is too long. This tag contains 96 characters. This is too many for what might be considered as a 'robot friendly' web page. The maximum number of characters sometimes recommended for this tag is 80. Nevertheless the relevancy of all the tags to page content is very good.

  • How easy is it to find the website, does it work on company name, on main keywords, local or international (key markets)
Using the name of the company it is very easy to find the website, even more, additionally to the main website on the second position there is a British website of the company and further there is a page on Wikipedia about the company. Concerning the main keywords the result more or less gives just the search by ‘used books’ – in this case the website arrives on the first page of Google. Nevertheless, the search for ‘New & Used Books for Sale’ gives a company the third place on the first Google’s page.

  • Compare to competitors
Alexa shows sites with similar names to
It is more the list of websites where the person may get in case of misunderstanding by the search engine. They are less interesting and completely irrelevant for the person who looked for the services of BWB.
On the other hand they have real other Organic Competitors:
All of these websites are real competitor for the BWB and most of them are big long established and strong companies that have the same purpose and values like BWB has.

  • What does Alexa say has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 15,626. Compared with the overall internet population, this site's users are disproportionately Caucasian, and they tend to be childless women aged under 25 and over 55 who browse from home and school. Visitors to the site view 4.2 unique pages each day on average. The site has been online since 2004, and the time spent in a typical visit to is approximately three minutes, with 36 seconds spent on each page view.
Alexa Traffic Rank Reputation
15,626 Global Rank
6,456 Rank in US
2,698 Sites Linking In

  • How added value , content heavy is the page, only hard sell or info or is there updated and added value info available
It seems like the site is quite often to be updated. On this site there are various options to do and to read, starting from buying the book and ending in the donation and charity sites.

  • Create a tagcrowd of the index page and see if this makes sense visually, compare to your toughest competitors
Here the tagcrowd of the index page of the BWB
And here are the tagcrowds of the direct Organic Competitor (
and the first as to Alexa (
The last one, as it was said before works completely in another direction, but BWB and Google’s Books tagcrowds are very relevant.

  • Check the backlinks (be careful about the relevance of those links which is not guaranteed)
Upstream Sites
Downstream Sites
Which sites did users visit immediately preceding
Where do visitors go after leaving
% of Unique Visits
Upstream Site
% of Unique Visits
Downstream Site
Sub Domains of BWB:

  • Check entrance of DMOZ as well as Wikipedia (English / France)
There is no information concerning BWB on DMOZ site. But, nevertheless there is a link ( and directory on Wikipedia.

Social media strategies:
BWB is already presented in all main Medias:
Google+ =>
Facebook =>
Twitter =>!/BWBooks
Moreover, Better World Books have there own Blog ( and Book Club.

There is a big number of PPCs situated on Google’s domain.
On average BWB earns 89 dollars from PPC each day. The site uses Google and Bing/Yahoo as a basis for this type of advertising. So I decided to try to create an advertisement using Facebook.
You can use or own ideas to set up an advertisement.
The main idea of a site – is selling book, thus I decide to use it as a Title of this promotion. The Body in this case give the information about the FREE shipment all over the world, since for someone’s it might be critical. For instance Amazons shipment is VERY expensive.

You can also use a suggested by Facebook advertisement.
In this case as title we can have a name of the Company and a s body Facebook gives the main opportunities provided by the company. Still we have a free shipment advertise.

In any case, after giving the Title and the body of the advertisement we have to give the targeted market for the adds.
So for this case we get the targeted market people living in France. I believe that we need to mention an age starting from 18, as soon as it is a payment age. There are completely no restrictions insede categories, because all the people can be interested in books. Nevertheless it is necessary to check are there people who are interested in Charity, Literature and Environment, since it is the most interesting audience for us.
WE can set up a daily budget of 150 Euro per day in order to reach bigger amount of people, and the bid is proposed by the Facebook based on the analysis of previous answers.

The design of this application was done completely by me.
The main idea of the application is to give a creative design, ability to communicate and remind the mission of the site!
On the first ‘page’ of application you can easily log in your own account.
The ‘Welcome page’ hives you access to the main activities of the application, like buying or donating a book. Moreover you always can see how many trees you saved through the books you bought or donated.
You have ability to make a ‘Direct’ donation. It makes sense if you want to donate a specific type of book (antiracism or green power) to a specific region or even to specific recipients.
There is also a possibility to ‘hang-up a book’. It might be interesting if you want to donate a book, but you want it to be taken by the person who is really interested in the topic. So you can buy a new book or just donate the one you have and wait until someone, who is interested in the book will get it. You also can see the recipients who will receive the book you hung-up.
Through the application you may communicate with the recipients who got your books. You may get a feedback from them or donate books they need, if you like. Moreover you can just stay in contact with them.
There always will be a competition available just for Application user. Here you can get information about amount of books you send, countries you reached and people you are in contact with. There is a competition through the entire items (4 of them but with ability expand) and through the prices you make get different books or trips.

You can easily see where is your shipment right at the moment. You will see the city where it is, the way it shipped and the time it should arrive at.

Hope, you liked it!