For my graded project, I decided to define a new business idea that I called : Dailydeal.

The concept

DAILYDEAL is a website where people can share what they buy with other people. People going grocery shopping can ask other people if they want to share the products with them if they see a bargain wholesale (because this is too much and they don't know where to store those products or because of the due date problem, for instance). With their phones they can take pictures of the products and post it on the website so people can say they want to share the deal with the person shopping. Their location will be specified in every ad so people living close to each other can trade together.

How does it work ?

People need to register on the website and add all their personal information. This is really important, especially their adress so people living close to each other can trade (same street or neighborhood). Those personal information will be seen by everyone who is a member of Dailydeal. There is 2 different ways of using the website : once you have bought food and you are searching for a way to share what you bought with someone else OR Live "tweeting" while shopping to find someone who whould be interested in the same bargain as you (possible thanks to our App available on every smartphone)

Mobile component >> How does the app work ?

The app is free.

3 steps :

1. Post your ad on the website
2. Get an answer from someone interested in your offer

All your personal information is online so it is easy for the person who wants to buy from you to see if you live in the same neighborhood. Once someone is interested in your offer, you directly receive a message. You have to click on the "Ok I'll buy it" option so the person knows you are going to take care of everything. Moreover, you can add the person on your friend list. This friend list represents all the person you have traded with before. This helps you to create your own community of friends living near your home.

3. Grade your friends + connect and share with them

Everytime a transaction is made, you have to grade the person. This is very useful for future references. If a person is well rated, then people know that this person in reliable. You can also meet people living close to you and share with them like in a community.