Altigliss association

Final project.
For my final project I decided to work on an association of Grenoble Ecole de Management which is Altigliss. It is an association who organize the Altigliss GEM Challenge, the European student ski cup, with more than 1000 students in Val d’isère. Why this association? First, because they have just launched their new website in December and they hardly work on communication since September 2011. Also I’m responsible of the logistic in this association so I really know their work. Then this association is fastly growing like a startup that’s why I took the opportunity to work on it.
The link for the website is:

  1. See the metatags information of the pages, does it make sense?
<meta name="description" content="LE GEM ALTIGLISS CHALLENGE EST LA PLUS GRANDE RENCONTRE DE SKI INTER-ÉTUDIANTE D'EUROPE, organisée par l'Association Altigliss de Grenoble Ecole de Management, au cours de laquelle plus de mille étudiants de tous horizons viendront s'affronter." />
It really make sense because there is enough details to understand what is the purpose of this website:
What provide the association: a European ski competition
How many participants are on the event: 1000 students
Which business school: Grenoble école de management
But information is missing, where the event will be: Val d’isère
  1. How easy is to find the website, does it work on company name, on main keyword, local or international (key markets)?
It easy to find the website only by writing the company name on Google, I have only good results for the first page. But when I type key words for example: student ski competition, results are talking about a British ski competition in Les Deux Alpes (ski resort in the Alpes) or the Vasa Student ski event which is another ski cup. But the Altigliss website doesn’t appear on the first research page of Google. If I add the location Val d’isère to my research then I find out the website on the first page of Google.
So the association have to work on their keywords to be easier to find on Internet and perhaps have more advertisement on ski brand could be a solution to be more famous on the Web.
  1. Compare to competitors
When I type student ski cup in French or English there are few competitors in the world. These competitors aren’t enough important to challenge Altigliss which is the biggest student ski cup in the world today. The competitors are:
  1. What does Alexa say?
Unfortunately the Altigliss website is not enough old and famous to be rated in the Alexa website.
  1. How added value, content heavy is the page, only hard sell or info or is there updates and added value information available?
The Altigliss website has a lot of content:
- You can have the presentation of the challenge (text and videos)
- Details on special events
- News about ski competitions in the world
- Contact of the office, the responsible of the communication and of the participants
- Names of partners
- Medias (articles)
- The program of the week of competitions
- You can download papers to sign up for the challenge
But you can’t buy something on the website it’s only to inform you and provide the Altigliss GEM Challenge.
  1. Create a tagcrowd of the index page and see if this makes sense visually, compare to your toughest competitors.
It doesn’t work when I put the address of the website on, so I download the magazine of Altigliss which is similar to the website.
For Altigliss:

We clearly see that this website is talking about a ski challenge linked with a business school but we don’t know the place of the event.
Then I choose the Adhemar cup which is our direct competitor (it is in French):

What it impressive is that the word “ski” is not mention there is only Tignes(ski resort) and the word “competition” but we can’t think that this website provide a ski competition.
  1. Check the backlinks (be careful about the relevance of those links which is not guaranteed)
There are no backlinks, probably for the same reason as Alexa’s website. Then it’s important to notice that backlinks are a way to be known by customers of backlink’s sites, so it may be a good thing to create backlinks to be more famous.
  1. Check entrance of DMOZ as well as Wikipedia (English/French)
We can’t find the website on DEMOZ, neither on Wikipedia. Actually, the responsible of communication in the association is changing the Wikipedia page about the association that is why it’s not yet available. But at the beginning of the year there was a page explaining the ski challenge.
  1. Social media strategy
Altigliss is very present and active on social media, they have:
- twitter account (!/altigliss)
- facebook profil (
- facebook page (
These three accounts are always update, it is a really good way to communicate because most of the person who are interested in the Altigliss GEM Challenge are students who use social medias everyday. Besides for an association is cost nothing to communicate by this way and it is very useful.
10.Suggest on one of the proposed PPC solutions for fast and effective placement
It should be better to have a good adwords account in order to create a google ad, which will be more expensive for the association. Then it will be easier to be find and less expensive. Because investing in a google ad is not very a source of benefits for Altigliss.

11.Other ideas for more communication
Create an application for apple. It will provide the challenge by giving an historic of the challenge, the program of competitions and the result each day during the week competition. This part is for the week of the challenge. A second part will give a free access to a small game about ski competition and freestyle as it is the case with the app “SKI challenge 12 – TSR” and also weather of ski resort which are partner with this Altigliss (Alpes d’huez – les deux alpes – Les 7 Laux – Val d’isère). By giving the weather we also do advertisement for these ski resort, so they can also provide the application. Everybody participant and student of the school will want to play and have news about the evolution of the association as it is the case with the website.