Graded Project

Intoegypt is a one-stop online shop, providing the information about travelling in Egypt. It offers tourism solutions and travel planning, in addition, sells virtual products and packages for hotels, Nile cruises, safari companies, diving centers and travel agencies.
Intoegypt’s Meta tag
The links to the website is, but there are two portals for the tourists and the residence; take the tourist portal as example, the link is
<head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /><meta name="description" content=" Design and development copyrights are reserved to intodevelopment (ECP) – – Your Prime Digital Agency " /><title> Book your holiday in Egypt, Hotels, Nile Cruises, Special Packages </title><link href="css/intoegypt.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
Meta Tag
Book your holiday in Egypt, Hotels, Nile Cruises, Special Packages
hotels in Egypt, Egypt Hotels, Nile Cruises in Egypt, Nile Cruises, Special packages
Design and development copyrights are reserved to intodevelopment (ECP) – – Your Prime Digital Agency

The keywords cover the main services, including hotels and Nile Cruises; therefore, Keywords Meta tag relevancy to page content is good. However, ‘Nile Cruises in Egypt’ is the same with ‘Nile Cruises’, the repetition is not necessary. Instead, Intoegypt could underline other services such as, diving and tailor your travel plan.
From the TagCloud of Intoegypt, we can see the repeated keywords in Intoegypt:

Intoegypt’s SEO
However, the users cannot easily link to Intoegypt by Google, even with the highest impact keywords to Intoegypt. According to Alexa, Egypt Travel Agency, Travel to Egypt, Egypt Travel, and Tour Egypt are the top 4 highest impact search queries for Intoegypt. It is more obvious that people are more likely to find Intoegypt with the terms like Travel. But it’s very hard to find the Intoegypt with Hotels in Egypt or Travel to Egypt by Google; the items show up in the first page in Google are the websites with higher ranks while Intoegypt’s global ranking is 4,058,119 and its local ranking is 34,422.
The first problem is the massive quantity of opponents. The information technology has been widely used in Tourism Industry. Large amount of competitors are sharing the similar keywords within the tourist industry. Intoegypt does not have any dissimilarity to be distinguished from its rivals.
Another drawback is the structure of the website. Actually, there is no substance in the home page. The home page only provides two portals, if you are travelers and if you are residence. The users need to click the portals to find the essential information concerning to the services, such as hotel booking, travel planning etc. That’s why if the home page,, is tested by the Meta tag Analyzer, the results tells that the keywords Meta tag relevancy to page content is terrible. This kind of structure more suits unique brand for instance Chanel,
Inputting Egypt Travel Agency - the most common terms people used to find Intoegypt, the opponents come up to the first page of Google are listed as follow: - United States

It turns out that most of them are somehow related to the term Travel.
  • Specialize the keywords, make the difference with its massive competitors;
  • Replace the web address Intoegypt with other web address including the words such as Hotel, Agency, Trip or Travel. For example, // is more specific than;
  • Integrate the pages contents of two portals into the home page. If the core information and main services can be found in the home page, Intoegypt’s ranking will be higher.

Intoegypt Social Media Marketing
Intoegypt can use social media to improve their business by having the conversation with the customers and potential customers.
Create the term Intoegypt, and introduce its services in details;
Create a group on Facebook and encourage the people to share the page, including the existing customers and potential customers;
Deal with customer service, giving answers to the customers and complaints on the wall of the page;
Upload the photo to Flickr and tag;
Encourage the people to @Intoegypt and # Intoegypt #;
Follow the business partners and the strong competitors;
Deal with customer service, giving answers to the customers and complaints;
Upload the tourist video concerning to Egypt to YouTube, both made by Intoegypt and made by the customers
Share media - such as photos on Facebook and Flickr, videos on YouTube and Twitter entries – with their networks;
Improve on-line shopping service of the virtual products, CDs etc. in Intoegypt;
Post the updated information on the page of Wikispaces;
The members can upload their travel experience in Egypt, including their schedules, photos, videos, comments on hotels as journey diary;
Create lenses for trips to Egypt, build the network among the people who travels to Egypt or interest in travelling to Egypt;
Build a community with a customized appearance and feel, feature sets such as photos, videos, forums and blogs, and the service layers in support for like, integration with Facebook and Twitter;
Upload the photo of resorts in Egypt and to Flickr and tag. The customers can upload the photo they made during their trips.
Intoegypt’s PPC
Intoegypt can invest advertisements on Egypt Air,; Egypt Air is the largest airline in Africa, and also a member of Star Alliance.

The customers who book airplane tickets in Egypt Air might be Intoegypt’s customers. The space in the left is for the Intoegypt advertisement. The targeted customers are the tourists travel to Egypt and they are highly motivated and take real action to plan their trips.
Egyptian Embassy website,, especially the page for foreigners about passports; most of them are tourists, out targeted customers;


Intoegypt’s Mobile Application
The mobile component can be applied to improve Intoegypt’s business. The application is called ‘My Egypt Travel Club’, offering a connection with the social media, a platform to change information and an access to receiving the professional helps.

How to utilize the application?
Step 1: Register to the account;
Step 2: download the application and install to mobile phone;

What are the benefits for users?
  • Users input the information about their travels, including budgets, destinations, resorts they are interested in, airplanes dates etc.; the application give recommendation based on its database which collects the planning of other users; users decided if they adapt the suggested plan or made their own plans; users can modified their plan anytime they want even after they start the trips;
  • The application offers the updated information of hotels, restaurants, taxis, such as pricing , location, feedbacks from other users; users can book hotels and make reservation through the application; if the hotels and restaurants are not the partners with Intoegypt, the staffs of Intoegypt make reservations for the users;
  • The application include GPS navigation, helps the users to find their destinations; which works for driving, riding and walking;
  • In the application, there is a contact books, including the correspondence of the local police station, fire, hospital, travel agencies;
  • The application provides the information of car renting and bicycle renting;
  • The background and introduction of the tourist sites with different languages;
  • Users can call Intoegypt service Centre 24/7;
  • The application has an platform where the users change their information; Intoegypt not only target to foreign tourists but also the local residence; for those young people, especial the students with a limited budget, they can find the local residents who are willing to help by offering a ride or a coach for one night; this helps the tourists to integrate to local culture and customer; the platform offer the information of second-hand products, because some tourists may bought some products just for the trips to Egypt. Those products are no longer useful when they come back to their own countries, so they can sell them by the application; meanwhile, the other customers may want to buy something just for the stays in Egypt;
  • Users can find updated information and news about weather forecasting, the schedules of airplanes, trains, buses, ships, metros; especially during the holidays
  • Users score the restaurants, resorts, all the place is worthy of visiting and any services during their travels, the score doesn’t come from the Intoegypt but others users, which is more reliable; also the users give the suggested prices for the popular traditional stuffs based on their experience in case that other users might be interested in buying something; they don’t need to worry about be fooled;
  • ‘One click share to all’; application links to the social media of Facebook, twitter, etc.; therefore users can tags with one click instead sign in to different web pages;
  • When users make photos or videos, one click shares to Facebook, twitter, Flickr and other social network media;
  • When the users make consumptions with Intoegypt’s partners, they scan the QR code in the receipts and accumulate the points; in the end of the trips, Intoegypt offers some coupons or souvenirs;
What are the benefits for Intoegypt?
  • As long as they have more and more users, the power of networks will drive the popularity of the Intoegypt, which accesses to potentials customers;
  • The Intoegypt have advertising income by offering the advertising, such as pay per click advertising, in the application ; but they have to pay attention and distinguish the information of recommended by the users and those of advertising;
  • Intoegypt know what are popular among the users and explore the possibility of partnerships with the popular business;
  • Receive the feedback information from the users to know about the customers, which benefits the marketing strategy;
  • Fast reaction to the markets for the packages and optimize the services they offer;
  • Save the cost of flyers and other paper advertising;

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